Value Chain and Performance in Agro Allied Small and Medium Scale Enterprise in Sokoto State, Nigeria

Roko Lumi Peter


This study investigates the impact of value chain on the performance of Agro Allied SMEs in Sokoto State. The concept of value chain is too board and some managers are confused on the right value chain activities to choose and apply in their business. Using point time data collected from primary source with the used of questionnaire and applying Ordinary Least Square (OLS) finding reveals that there is significant relation between value chain and performance of Agro Allied SMEs in Sokoto State. Other findings primary activities of value chain contribute significantly to the performance of Agro SMEs in Sokoto State and secondary activities of value chain contribute significantly to the performance of Agro SMEs in Niger State. Results recommends that Agro SMEs in Sokoto State should continue to improve on primary and secondary activities of value chain since it contributes significantly to the performance of Agro SMEs in Sokoto State.


Primary activities, Secondary Activities and performance, Value chain.

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