Are Hungarian conference organizers environment-conscious? - The findings of a survey


  • Csilla Raffai Senior Lecturer Department of Tourism, University of Pannonia
  • Noémi Fehér Student M.A. in Tourism Management, University of Pannonia



conference organization, venue selection, environmental consciousness, green events, selection criteria, Green Hotel Award


The choice of venue is an important issue for conference organizers. Given the increasing deterioration of earth’s ecosphere, environmental consciousness is already an essential selection factor, which will continue to have an increasing influence in the choice of conference venues in most countries of the world. Green events, however, are still far from prevalent in Hungary. In this paper, we look for the reasons and identify other factors that influence the venue selection decisions of Hungarian conference organizers. In particular, we look for answers to the following questions: 1. what are the relevant factors of venue selection for Hungarian conference organizers; and 2. is environmental consciousness one of these selection factors?