Performance Contracting As a Strategy for Enhanced Employee Commitment: A Case of the Vocational Training Centre Sikri, Kenya

Dr. Ambrose kiplimo Kemboi


Literature on the relationship between performance contracting and employee commitment in tertiary special needs institutions in Kenya is dearth. In addition to this, majority of these past researchers who have attempted to investigate these variables have concentrated on performance contracting implementations in state corporations with few studies done on its effectiveness on service delivery in tertiary institutions. This study therefore sought to investigate the link between performance contracting and employee commitment using cross sectional survey research design. Data was mainly collected from primary and secondary sources and was analyzed via SPSS after cleaning and coding. The study found employee commitment to positively affect performance contracting. The study also found a positive relationship between employee commitment, performance contracting (r=0.159), employee productivity (r=0.147) and performance contracting to positively and significantly (p=.000) employee commitment. The study recommends that the institute’s board of governors should develop and put to use an effective performance management policy document that will synchronize performance based system with employee commitments for the overall organizational development.


Employee commitment, performance contract, organizational performance.

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