Unemployment and labour force market in Republic of Kosova


  • Mic UKAJ, Msc. Lecturer Faculty of Economics FAMA University College
  • Blerim DRAGUSHA, Msc., Ph.D. can. University Assistant Faculty of Economics University of PRISHTINA




Unemployment, Labour force, GDP, qualification, standard of living


 Labour market in general and specifically the unemployment represents one of the most important and debatable issues in every world economy. Unemployment along GDP, presents the main indicator of the level of utilizing capacity and economic development of a country. If the unemployment rate is increasing in a country, it shows that this country is economically stalled and is not being able to utilize available production capacities in its best possible way, hence, causing decrease the standard of living of the population. Unemployment phenomenon is closely corelated with GDP. If production decreases, it will have an chain impact in several other indicators, starting from increase of unemployment, decrease of level of income, decrease of consumption, and as a consequence the re-decline of production. Therefore economic policy makers all over the world have one of their main goals to keep the unemployment rate level within the lowest possible limits, because this is the one of leading indicators of their successfull or not sucssesfull socio-economic policies.  The very high rate of unemployment in Republic of Kosova presents one of main challenges that Country faces for a long time. The purpose of this research is to analyze the situation of labour force in Kosova, and come up with conclusions and recommendations regarding the creation of genuine economic policy which would cause the reduction of unemployment rate in country.