Comparing of the Financial Ratios: A case study on United States, Great Britain, Greece Due Financial Crisis


  • Dr. Stamatis Kontsas Adjunct Lecturer Democritus University of Thrace Department of Business Administration
  • Dr. Panos Notopoulos Associate Professor Department of Accounting Technological Institute of Serres
  • Angelos Markou Technological Education Institute of Western Macedonia
  • Maria Karamitrou Technological Education Institute of Western Macedonia



Deficiency, expenditure, lending rates, enterprises Jel codes, F62, F65, G01, G00


The aim of this paper is to present a comparative study of the countries through the financial ratios that were analysed. This study was carried out in order to find the characteristics of each economy in comparison to the others. It would be worthy to mention that the three economies that were put under comparative study, are not of the same dynamic. The United States of America and Great Britain show some common characteristics due to the positions of power that they possess in the allocation of the global economy. However, in the case of Greece the same dynamic with the other two countries doesn’t exist, a fact that is greatly imprinted in their in-between comparison.