Students’ Satisfaction and Perception on Rented Apartments in Nigeria: Experiment of lautech Students

Babatunde Femi Akinyode


The paper focuses on the tertiary institutions students’ perspective on rented apartments in Nigeria using Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) students in Ogbomoso as experiment. The study aims to evaluate several rented apartments in Ogbomoso based on students’ level of satisfaction and perception. The data utilised in the paper was generated through the administration of one thousand and eight hundred questionnaires focusing on the housing rents, evaluation on the housing, the level of students’ satisfaction on housing, factors responsible for the high rent of housing and their support on non-residency policy in LAUTECH. Hypothesing the housing rent and housing material as indication of students’ satisfaction and perception on housing was made. This aimed at evaluating students’ satisfaction and perception on house rent and housing material. Correlation analysis was drawn to further ascertain the significant relationship between the house rent and housing material, between the house rent and students’ satisfaction on housing as well as between the housing material and students’ satisfaction on housing. Findings show that students’ satisfaction on the housing material was moderate while the level of their satisfaction on house rents was very low. The study revealed that there is significant relationship between the house rent, housing materials and the students’ satisfaction and perception. Based on the findings, the study suggests that the two owner state governments and the LAUTECH institution management should provide a more conducive housing in a better environment that caters for the needs of students’ accommodation.


LAUTECH; Housing; Students’ Satisfaction; Students’ Perception; Rented Apartment

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