Re-Reading The Term “Strategy”


  • Onur Dirlik Akdeniz University
  • Duygu Aydin-Unal Akdeniz University



Strategic management, strategy, management studies


The aim of this paper is to understand the denotations and connotations ascribed to the term “strategy”, which is critical to the strategic management field. On the basis of the term, it has been appeared that the field takes mostly a normative position and could not escape from producing analytical tools for managers because of having a managerialistic focus since the 1960s, beginning of the field. This article provides a reader with re-reading the term “strategy” from a different point of view.

The methodology of this study is based on qualitative content analysis of the selected articles. The results show that the strategic management field is still dominated by a managerialistic view. Therefore the knowledge and analytical tools are produced by the orders of managers which create asymmetric power relations in the field.

This study analyzes the basic articles published in SSCI. It would be more comprehensive view to broaden the article pool. Although analyzing articles published on SSCI is widely accepted criterion, it also causes limitations. Besides, the books written on strategy are not included in this study.

The major claim of this study is suggesting a need of new view towards the strategy. It aims to create an argument on the main terminology of the field. These kinds of studies contribute to the evolvement of the field.

Author Biographies

  • Onur Dirlik, Akdeniz University
    Onur Dirlik is a research assistant and a Ph.D. student in Akdeniz University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. His research interests are gathered around institutional theory, business systems in Turkey, and critical studies. He intends to improve himself in multidisciplinary studies.  Onur Dirlik can be conducted at:
  • Duygu Aydin-Unal, Akdeniz University
    Duygu Aydın Unal  is a research assistant and a Ph.D. student in Akdeniz University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Currently, she is writing a dissertation about consumption culture in Turkey and discourse. She can be conducted at:


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