Psyche Extraction Accuracy of English Texts of Non Native Speakers in Pakistani Universities


  • Summaira Sarfraz Department of Sciences and Humanities National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NUCES) Lahore, Pakistan
  • Ahsan Nabi Khan Department of Computer Science National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NUCES) Lahore, Pakistan



Linguistics, Text Mining, Accuracy, Overall Psyche, Moods Interpretation


The paper, based on Linguistics and Text Mining integrated research, aims to investigate the problem of determining the accuracy of the overall psyche of a text. It examines not only how a particular text can be labeled by a dominant mood, but also handles the complexities of multiple moods in the same context, ranking by scores of extracted psyche categories. The psyche scores are based on occurrences of related keywords and their intensity weightages. A text mining tool ‘Psyche Map’ has been developed for the extraction of words associated with moods from the text and the determination of the text psyche based on the calculation of the weightages attached to these words associated with moods. The tool is tuned to tag local psyche on account of its basis in determination of moods, their synonyms and their respective weightages, which was undertaken locally from non-native English language teachers who teach at undergraduate level. The instruments of the study are the English essays written by the non-native undergraduate university students of English language course and the psyche of their texts have been accurately determined by the tool on the basis of moods interpretation.