Exploring the Relationship Between Perceived Uses of Appraisals And Performance Appraisal Satisfaction in The Indian It Sector: An Empirical Study


  • Sujoya Ray Moulik Research Scholar Department of Business Management University of Calcutta, India
  • Dr. Sitanath Mazumdar Professor & Formerly Dean Department of Business Management University of Calcutta, India




appraisal satisfaction, employee development, Indian IT Industry, IT professionals, performance appraisal uses


Performance Appraisals are an important human resource function, integrating both administrative decision making and development of employee performance. How appraisals are used, in terms of development or evaluation, may largely impact satisfaction with the appraisal system being practiced in the organization which in turn impacts how the individual feels towards his/her organization. It is thus imperative that organizations engage in performance management practices such that the results/outcomes generated from these practices are used for the mutual benefit of the individual employee and the organization. This paper attempts to explore how IT professional in India perceive the way the organizations’ use the results of appraisals and how that impacts the attitudes they hold towards the appraisal system as a whole. Data has been collected from 100 IT professional working across 4 cities in India and further correlation and multiple regression analysis of the same has indicated that the perceived uses of appraisals has a significant positive relations to perceived satisfaction with the performance appraisal practices in an organization.