Relationship between Perceived Needs and Actual Use of English By Graduates of Qatar University in the Workplace


  • Haifa A. Al-Buainain (Ph D) Associate Professor, Department of English Literature and Linguistics, College of Arts and Sciences, Doha- Qatar
  • Fouad Khalil Hassan (Ph D)
  • Ahmed Madani (Ph D)



Need and Use of English, Language skills, Interaction between need and use


This paper summarizes a survey of the perceived needs and actual uses of English in workplace by graduates of Qatar University. It was carried out by the Documentation and Humanities Research Centre at Qatar University in 2004. A questionnaire was designed to elicit such information. It comprises three parts: 1) demographic information, 2) perceived needs of English in the workplace, 3) the actual use of the different English language skills in the workplace. The sample consists of 644 employees who finished their education at Qatar Universit. In this paper the emphasis is on the interaction between perceived needs and actual use of English by the graduates. The results showed that English is used extensively in civil surface in all its skills. It is also evident that these skills correlate with each other. In addition, English is used at a high frequency. Implications for future research and Pedagogical Implications are also addressed.





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