Strategy Development by Strategic Approach


  • Dr. Hakan Bütüner IMECO Industrial Management and Engineering Co. Osmangazi Cad. 23/8 Y.Dudullu/İstanbul



Strategy development, strategic approach, , strategic thinking, strategy development methodology, strategic planning


In order to assemble the disconnected and disorderly ideas, processes, methods and techniques (written on strategy development), it could be said that there is an exact approach or systematic thinking on this issue. In addition, by careful evaluation of the manner of bringing forward the issues such as strategic approach, systematic, processes, scope and modeling of strategy development, it is intended to bring in a new perspective and more significantly to provide a different benefit by the application of these issues.

 The scripts in the hereby article are composed as a result of the conclusions obtained from different application environments of the issue in subject and by the composition of the cause and effect relations of these. Significant issues such as development of strategic approach and the processes of strategy development by strategic approach are being examined thoroughly.





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