Financial Investing Made for Women: The Economic and Psychological Reasons Why Women Invest Differently Than Men


  • Carolina M. Reece D’Youville College, 320 Porter Avenue Buffalo, New York, USA
  • Susan J. Kowalewski Business Department, D’Youville College 320 Porter Avenue, Buffalo, New York, USA



Financial Investment, Women and Investing, Financial Planning, Money Management


Financial Investing is becoming not only a way to plan for a future source of retirement, but also a method to control a personal financial situation without having to rely on government aid or family member support to survive during the elderly years. Today, individuals cannot depend on social security being available in the future for financial support. It is especially vital for women to become more interested in making long-term investments that will provide a secure and effective approach to money management and financial planning. However, as various studies have concluded, women are less interested than men in managing their finances due to various economic and psychological reasons related to risk aversion, sociopolitical and biological factors, and income. This study reviews previous research findings related to the relationship between women and investments, as well as several economic and psychological reasons behind the gender gap on financial investing are presented. Surveys were used to identify the main reasons for women’s tendency to rely less on financial investments. It was found that women who had some source of financial investment showed confidence in the stock market, as well as in their financial decisions. These results contradict some of the findings shown in previous research.