Assessment of Curriculum-Based Challenges of Teaching History and Government in Secondary Schools in Ugenya Sub-County, Siaya County, Kenya


  • Denice N. Oduor Maseno University





It is the desire of all stakeholders in education that teachers and students achieve good results.  However, in Ugenya Sub-County, the mean score for History and Government had declined in between the years 2014 and 2018. This trend implied that there were challenges with curriculum implementation which needed to be established with an intention of reversing the downward trend of the mean score in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE examinations). The purpose of this study was to assess curriculum-based challenges of implementing History and Government curriculum in Ugenya Sub-County. The objective of the study was to assess curriculum-based challenges of implementing History and Government curriculum. The study is significant because it identifies curriculum challenges of implementing History and Government curriculum in Ugenya Sub-County. This will help teachers and education officers to take necessary measures to revitalize the subject. This study was based on the context, Input, Process, and Product Model (CIPP) proposed by Stuffllebeam and Coryn (2014).  It identifies unmet needs that bar achievement of human needs. The theoretical framework was based on curriculum-based challenges which were the independent variables, while implementing of History and Government curriculum was the dependent variable. Data from teachers and students was collected through questionnaires. It was analyzed through descriptive statistics using frequency counts and means. The most serious challenges included inadequate field trips, large, content and inadequate assessment. The researcher recommends additional time needs to be created and testing be made regular teachers.

Author Biographies

Denice N. Oduor, Maseno University

EducationalCommunication and Technology




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