Khon Performance through Khon Scripts in the Rattanakosin Period


  • Jackkrit Duangpattra Doctor of philosophy in art and cultural research graduate school Khon Kean University



Khon performance in the Rattanakosin period, Khon


The three objectives of the research on Khon performance through Khon scripts in the Rattanakosin Period were to 1) study the development of Khon scripts, 2) search for the formats of Khon performance -and 3) explain the functions of stage direction and each unit of dramatic works constructed in Khon scripts. The study results could be concluded as follows:


In the aspect of Khon construction in Rattanakosin period, it was found that Khon scripts could be divided into four eras, according to the novelties of construction.


In the aspect of Khon performance and performance characteristics of Khon, it was found that the formats could be generally divided into two dramatic scenes, “Lanka City” and “The Pavilion”.


In the aspect of functions of dramatic scenes, it was found that there were two groups: 1) functioning through narrators and 2) functioning through Khon characters.