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The tube house is a common model in big cities. With a small area, most homeowners often take advantage of the space on the balcony or terrace to relax and entertain the whole family. Therefore, homeowners often install tubular awnings to avoid bad weather.
Pipe roof porch with glass material

Glass is a product of interior and exterior decoration, luxury and class. Glass gives your home space more shimmer to perfection. Under the glass can be a few flower pots, bonsai that homeowners can take care of it at any time without being afraid of the weather.

The art of glass with space is endless. Transparency and light reflection will give you a perfect and magical space.

In addition to tube awnings, glass can also be used as a decoration material for beautiful awnings with various positions and flexibility.
Some other materials

Most of the tube houses, many customers are very fond of using mobile awnings in Danang to decorate the terrace. Because the mobile awnings have a variety of designs, softly designed and extremely durable over the years, and the solid frame structure, flexible in use, ensuring good resistance. with all the weather.

Materials such as tarpaulin, PVC, plastic, etc. are also preferred for pipe awnings. Many spaces are emphasized with these simple materials, creating a charming and soft beauty.

Da Nang mobile awnings
Awnings are made of different materials

To harmonize the space, the combination of materials and colors will give you a more diverse and fresh look. And of course you will have to choose the right materials to give you a relaxing place for the whole family.

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