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Mobile awnings are increasingly used, not only in houses, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, pubs but also villas, hotel companies are constructed and designed. Mobile awnings are not only used to shade the sun, rain, dirt but also create wide space, increase aesthetics, good mobile porch type? Which mobile awning standards should be considered? For customers to confidently choose the beautiful, quality mobile awnings, the following Minh Khang article will clarify the attention when choosing awnings.
1.Standard of quality mobile awning

A mobile roof in Danang of Minh Khang company is made of high quality PE tarpaulin, UP paint to prevent aging. Many mobile awnings have UP-painted canvas awnings in combination with PVC, which makes the roof long-lasting, not frayed by rain or sun.

Rainbow awnings

In addition, a good mobile awning is also considered for the quality of the metal frame. Having high resistance, strong strength will create durability and aesthetics for mobile awnings

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2. Aesthetics

Not only has a shielding effect, the awnings are also devices and parts for creating aesthetic spaces for bars and houses. So when choosing a mobile folding roof, you need to pay attention to the aesthetics.

sunshade awning

Awnings are usually located outdoors, in front of the house. Should choose appropriate canvas color to make the eyes look airy and cool. Choose cool colors, cool tones like white, blue, light yellow, ...

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