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Eagle Eye 911 Supplement Tips

by jeni edwin (2019-03-16)

There are two types of eyesight problems – myopia and hyperopia, commonly known as nearsightedness and farsightedness. The majority of adolescents and young adults suffer from nearsightedness while farsightedness is more common in the elderly. Thinning hair, wrinkled skin and deteriorating eyesight happen to all of us as we age. But how fast this process develops is often a function of lifestyle and diet. The body needs a steady supply of vitamins and minerals. Adults who eat healthily tend to have fewer eye issues than those who do not. You are at a higher risk of weakened eyesight if you do not have enough nutrients. Many young adults also stay up late and do not get proper sleep. This can disturb all the body’s functions including eyesight. Lack of sleep sometimes affect the cognitive processes too. This is why you sometimes have blurry vision after staying up all night.